Monday, June 9, 2008

American Gangster TV Series

Season Two of the American Gangster TV series will be released on DVD Tuesday, June 10. Narrated by Ving Rhames, the series examines the lives of notorious African-American gangsters, like Frank Lucas.

"It’s awfully interesting to see the real Frank Lucas and the real Ritchie Roberts relating their stories, which so closely mirror the recent American Gangster movie. Denzel Washington actually appears in the episode himself, talking about Frank Lucas, who consulted a lot on the film set. "

The first season was fascinating, and this second season promises more of the same.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ridley Scott Interview

In this great interview with Ridley Scott, Eclipse Magazine talks with Scott about working with Russell Crowe, House of Lies, and the upcoming Nottingham.

QUESTION: Your work with Russell Crowe has been brilliant.

RIDLEY SCOTT: Well it makes life a lot

easier if you know each other. You can cut the crap.

QUESTION: Russell Crowe has said you are very gifted and you obviously feel the same about him?

RIDLEY SCOTT: I know that he is gifted. There are a lot of good actors out there but very few gifted ones.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

3:10 To Yuma Opening in Spain

Here's an excerpt of a review for 3:10 To Yuma, which just opened in Spain:

"Crowe gives a very good performance as Wade, demonstrating a range of emotions that give real authenticity to his character, offering glimpses of vulnerability beneath the brutality. Bale also delivers a winning, versatile performance as the rancher who, in desperation is risking his life to sustain his family - a noble but broken man who, after being stepped on for too long wants to change the way he is perceived by his children and his wife Alice (Gretchen Mol).

Frequently, when a film features two powerhouse actors, things can degenerate into two egos doing battle for screen time, but that’s not the story here. Both actors approach their roles with conviction, complementing each other excellently."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crowe Mentions

Here's a smattering of Russell Crowe mentions from around the web that don't concern the Rabbitohs:

Best Hockey Movies-
"This Russell Crowe movie is the one where a small town team challenges the New York Rangers to play them in an outdoor game. Love the scene with the baked potato warming the skates. "

Film Effects Event-
"The day will start with a screening of 'Master and Commander', the high seas adventure story based on the novels of Patrick O'Brian and starring Russell Crowe."

Ledger Scholarship for Aussie Actors-
"AIF, a seven-year-old organisation for expatriate Australians in the US entertainment industry, boasts Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Geoffrey Rush and Mel Gibson among its 30 ambassadors."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Win American Gangster

Website is giving away five copies of the extended edition of "American Gangster" on DVD. To be eligible to win, you simply have to name three other movies directed by "Gangster" director, Ridley Scott. That gets you entered into a drawing of correct entries--to be conducted on June 20.

Monday, May 26, 2008

More Rabbitohs News

News on the trials and tribulations of Russell's beloved Rabbitohs abounds these days. Here are some links with additional goings-on:

The Australian

League HQ


Russell on the Rabbitohs

The Rabbitoh's website has words from Russell Crowe on everything that's going on with his team:

"The reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated," Crowe said.

"Today the board applauded Peter's achievements in lifting the South Sydney club and collectively we thanked him for his gargantuan effort over the past two years."

"Right now it's my belief that what South Sydney needs is the continuity, knowledge and experience that both Nick Pappas and Shane Richardson bring."

"Both men come from within the Souths family and both men understand intimately how to take advantage of the progress the club has made."

New appointments have now been made:

Nicholas Pappas--non-Executive Chairman

Shane Richardson-Chief Executive Officer

Coach John Lang-Football Consultant

Hopefully, all this means that things will settle down for the Rabbitohs, and that they can get back to playing games. And that the board and officers can get back to the business of running the club.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Russell & Peter Not on Speaking Terms

Further news on Russell and Peter Holmes a Court from The Sunday Telegraph:

"The rift has become so bitter that Crowe was allocated a box on the western side of Bluetongue Stadium for last night's match against the Storm, while Holmes a Court was banished to the eastern side of the ground.

Rabbitohs sponsors were told both agreed to attend the game, but neither turned up, while 8000 loyal supporters did make the journey to the Central Coast.

Having retreated to his Nana Glen farm in Coffs Harbour through the week, Crowe intended to attend the match but was forced to cancel at the last minute due to personal reasons."

Rabbitohs Problems

In the wake of Peter Holmes a Court's departure as executive chairman of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, rumors have abounded--not only about the Rabbitohs, but centered around the National Rugby League as a whole.

Because of a funding crisis in the NRL, some Sydney clubs have been predicted to fall, and Holmes a Court has been the first club boss to say that his team might not make it. He says that the club has already lost millions, and that the club would need another 4000 members to break even over the next couple of years.

The Rabbitohs have posted assurances on the official club website to assure their members and corporate sponsors that the club is doing everything in its power to achieve its goals.

Amid all this, Russell Crowe, as Rabbitohs co-owner, is set to officially appoint Holmes a Court's replacement next week, with Anthony Bell rumored to be taking the reins.

As Russell fans, we hope all this will be cleared up and will do so in the Rabbitoh's (and rugby league) favor. Russell has put not only money and time, but heart, into this club and this game.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Russell Fears Delay of "Nottingham"

Russell says that his current focus is on filming Nottingham, with his favorite director, Ridley Scott. However, a possible strike by the Screen Actor's Guild could delay filming.

"Given that there is still the possibility of a SAG strike, it is not certain when Nottingham would begin," he added. "But Sir Ridley is planning on completing it this year."

His fans certainly hope there's no delay. This particular role is one that fans are really looking forward to seeing him play. It would, however, give him more time to enjoy being home in Australia.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Holmes a Court Leaving Rabbitohs

Russell Crowe

According to Australian newspaper, the Sunday Telegraph, Peter Holmes a Court is stepping down as executive chairman of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, the National Rugby League team co-owned by Russell Crowe.

Apparently, this was planned all along, as Holmes a Court says that
"I've been very hands-on and I've led the charge for three years. I always said I'd do it for the first three years and then hand over to someone else."

Also according to Holmes a Court, Crowe will appoint the next chairman. He will remain on the Rabbitohs board, and will play a part in team sponsorship.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Russell As "Most Dashing Daddy"

Forget his Oscar for "Gladiator" and all the other awards he's won or been nominated for. He's up for an award for the most important role of his life! Russell joins other Hollywood dads (including Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and others) in a race for Dashing Celebrity Daddy 2008! in Canada's Hello! Magazine. Click on the link above to vote for Russell. He's currently in a well-deserved lead!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Gangster Interview

I love this American Gangster interview with Russell and Denzel Washington! The two look so comfortable together and play off each other so well. One of the best movies of 2007. I'd love to se these two work together again!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Master and Commander on Blu-Ray-Finally!

Following a series of delays, Russell's turn in the Oscar-nominated 2003's Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World is finally available on Blu-Ray.

Many on Amazon and other sites are complaining about Fox's bare-bones approach to this DVD--leaving out many of the extras which were included on the regular DVD release. But the movie itself stands as one of Russell's best, and in a movie career like Russell Crowe's that's saying a lot!

Master and Commander was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and Best Director for Peter Weir, along with a whole slew of other nominations and wins. So, if you're collecting Blu-Ray discs, your collection won't be complete without this one.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Crowe Family Mother's Day

Russell Crowe, wife Danielle Spencer, sons Charles and Tennyson, along with extended family members, celebrate Mother's Day, May 11, at a restaurant in Woolloomooloo. Always nice to see the family enjoying a day together.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Gangster DVD Release

Today's the day for "American Gangster". Buy it in the 2-disc Collector's Edition:

The 3-disc Deluxe Edition:

Or the HD version:

Just buy it! THE best movie of 2007! (Except, maybe, for "3:10 To Yuma).

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Friday, February 15, 2008

American Gangster Lawsuit Dismissed

A U.S. judge has dismissed a federal lawsuit filed by former drug agents who claim that the movie "American Gangster" misrespresented them.

Former DEA agents had filed the lawsuit, claiming that the film had suggested they were criminals, and didn't accurately reflect their role in bringing down Frank Lucas, the title character.

The judge dismissed the case on the basis that it had no merit. The agents' lawyer plans to appeal the decision.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nottingham News

The team of Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott goes merrily on-with merry men, that is. Cinematical has the latest news on Sir Ridley's movie about Sherwood Forest. Whether he's calling it Nottingham (as IMDB still lists it) or Robin Hood, as the director himself refers to it in this article, it's still sure to be great, with Crowe playing the Sheriff of Nottingham and producer Brian Grazer on board. Filming is set to begin in March, now that the writer's strike has (hopefully) ended.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

If It's Russell Crowe, He Must Have Hit Someone

Can't a man wear a bandage without being accused of violence?!

The Daily Mail posted these photos of Russell from the set of his movie "State of Play" and were , apparently, unable to resist bringing up old issues (click link for details). Their snide remarks aside, this is going to be one terrific movie. Russell stepped into the lead role after Brad Pitt pulled out of the movie. Co-stars include Helen Mirren, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, and Robin Wright Penn. It's based on a BBC miniseries of the same title and is scheduled for release in 2009.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008


For me, it started with 1995's "The Quick and the Dead." Just who was this guy playing a gunslinger-turned-preacher-turned-gunslinger again?

How many westerns have you seen? When the gunslinger draws, shoots down his opponent, and the gun's in it's holster again before you have time to blink, one of the lines is, invariably, "He's good!" That's how it was with Russell Crowe, the actor. I was amazed by his presence, his intensity, his ability to draw your eyes and hold them, mostly with his own eyes. About halfway through the movie, I was saying to myself, "He's good!"

Since then, I have watched each subsequent performance-L.A. Confidential, The Insider, Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, American Gangster (just to name a few)-with the same awe. "He's good!" And, after all those performances, I find myself wondering something. Can Russell Crowe give a bad performance? I've begun to doubt it. There have been less-than-great Crowe movies, but his performances have never been less-than-great.

Then came the time when his personal life began to overshadow his professional life. Or, maybe I should say, when the media creation ate up the actor. Because, personally, that's how I see it. I won't comb through the details in this post. If you're a Russell Crowe fan or, if you've followed his career, you're acquainted with at least some of the incidents.

All of a sudden, it seemed to be open season on Russell Crowe. A few minor incidents that could have happened to anyone and, suddenly, everyone's taking potshots at the man. His name and his talent were dragged through the mud relentlessly.

Recently, things seemed to have calmed down somewhat, and with "American Gangster" and "3:10 To Yuma" this past year, the focus has been back on his acting, where it should be. And once again, you have to watch the screen and admit (even if you're not a fan) "He's good!"

So, why a blog about Russell Crowe? Well, as I said, I've been a fan since 1995. And I've seen a lot of overly harsh negative things said about him. To the point where I felt moved to point out more of the positives. And besides, "he's good!"

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